Hiring a vehicle in Australia

When you are going to Australia for a business or personal trip, then hiring a vehicle is an excellent means to have a more comfortable and relaxing journey. Through these cars, you will have a chance to witness more about the beauty of Australia. When you will hire a vehicle, you can see spots or attractions that a public transportation cannot show you because car hired trips may take different routes. And then, you can always take the shortest way, so that you can easily reach your destination. Therefore, allowing you to have ample rest because your trip was shortened.

Now, when you are still in your own countries, take time to search for a company, where you will hire a vehicle. It is better to book now rather than later because you are not the only person, who needs a vehicle for Australian trip, right?

By the way, we have here a few tips for you, especially if it is your first time to hire a vehicle in Australia. These tips are important factors that you should really consider, so that your request and booking to hire a vehicle will not be cancelled or denied.


You should be able to prepare all the necessary requirements for hiring a vehicle. One of which is your valid driving license as well as your age. You should be at least 21 years old. Your license must be in English. Some companies may require you to provide an international drivers license. It would be best to inquire about these requirements and do it ahead of time.

You should also prepare your car insurance policy. If car hired vehicles are covered, then you do not need to avail what the car hire company offers. And then, you should also have the Collision Damage Waiver as well as the Theft Insurance. Again, do not forget to ask the car rental company for more details.


You need to consider your map, especially if you will be the one to drive. If possible, you have to familiar yourself with the cities that you are going to visit. And then, do not forget to read about the local traffic rules and laws. In Australia, driving is actually on the left hand side. Therefore, your steering wheel would be on your right side. Lastly, do not forget about the metric system. So, expect to see road signs that are written in kilometers.


It would be best to do the booking in advance. If possible, avoid rush bookings because it is not always easy to get the car that you want. If you have not yet booked before, then try to compare the rates as well as promotional offers. Make sure that you have fully understood the company policy before billing.

Picking up

Do not forget to bring the necessary documents with you, such as your driving license, passport and the booking confirmation. And then, inspect the car before using it. If you have questions, then you better ask while the company representative is still around.

Tips on booking a vehicle for hire online

Do you usually hire a vehicle for your business or personal trips? If you do, then how often do you hire a vehicle? Do you stick to only one company or do you have other options? Pretty that you are aware about different vehicle for hire companies in town, right? Sometimes, if we have too many options with different good deals, we find it difficult to choose the best.

Most Vehicle for Hire companies have their official websites and it is where you can get information about their promotional offers. This is the reason why many customers today are booking online. It is indeed the most convenient way of reserving a vehicle for your trips. Anyway, we have here a few tips for you to know when you are booking online.

Do you know how to book?

There are only a few steps to do when booking online. Of course, the very first step is to visit the official website of the vehicle for hire company. From there, you need to choose a location where you are going to pick up the vehicle. And then, you also need to specify the date when you need the car. After that, follow the next steps. You need to be very careful in your payment method as well as other feature services that you would like to add. Anyway, you can always call their office to verify or follow up your reservation.

Are you aware about the requirements when hiring a vehicle?

Before finally accepting an agreement with the vehicle for hire company, you have to know their requirements because that is very important.

  • You must have a valid driver’s license that you are holding for at least a year. If you are renting a car outside your country, then you have to provide an international driver’s license or permit.
  • You must be at least 23 years of age. Anyway, age restriction varies, depending on the type of vehicle that you are going to hire. And then, you must be aware that for some car hire companies, there are surcharges given to customers.
  • There are cases, where you might want to cross a border. If you will do that, then you have to inform the car rental company to know if you are restricted from doing that or not. There are car for hire companies, who has routes outside the border. So, it would be best to ask about that.
  • If there are mileage policies that the company includes in the rental rates, then you will be charged for additional fees.
  • It could have been better if they also offer a Collision Damage Waiver or CDW because that is for you to lessen your expenses or liabilities, if ever you meet an accident.
  • If the company is offering a Theft Protection or TP as well as Personal Insurance policies, then that is good.
  • You may also ask for the fuel options that they have. Are they going to give you the car with a full tank or will you be the one to fill the fuel?

When hiring a vehicle and you don’t have a credit card

Renting a car nowadays is not a really big problem because there are a lot of vehicle hire companies. Finding one company is even easier because many of them have websites and you can make transactions with them online. In such way, booking is made simpler and faster as long as you have the necessary documents to comply with the vehicle for hire company’s requirements.

When dealing with vehicle hire companies, the usual thing that really matters is the payment options. Most of these companies will ask a client to provide their credit card numbers. But, the problem is that there are clients or customers, who do not use credit card for some reasons, such as they would not like to over spend using their credit cards and they are afraid of using credit cards as payment options online.

If your only problem and the reason why you don’t hire vehicle is the credit card issue, then it is time for you to find a different car rental company, who have other payment options aside from the credit card. Does that make sense to you? So, do not lose hope and try your best to find the list vehicle hire companies online. That method is even easier for you to compare prices and get the best deals.

Use your Debit Card

If you do not have a Credit Card, then find a vehicle for Hire Company, who accepts Debit Cards. Using this method is very simple because it is the same thing with using your Credit Cards. The only issue here is that the process takes longer. So, if you only have Debit Cards and would like it to use to rent a car, then you better book earlier.

Do you know that if you have checking accounts, then the bank may also offer you a Debit Card? They actually used in the same way though if you use a Debit Card, then payments are directly deducted from your checking account. It only shows that your payment is not on credit. This is a good reason for Car Rental companies to accept and consider this mode of payment.

You just need to make sure that the company accepts the logos on your Debit Card. So, you may check if they accept logos, such as Visa logo or the MasterCard logo. You have to make sure that your Debit Card is linked to a bank. If it is not linked, then the Car Rental Company may refuse or reject your mode of payment.

Once the Debit Card was already accepted, then you have to make sure that you have their requirements. Check if you have all the documents needed. Make sure that you have valid identification cards. You must also make sure that you have a valid driver’s license because this is very important, especially if you will be driving and will not request for additional driver. When everything is done, then you just need to wait for the schedule when you would like to pick up the car.

What to do when you damaged a rental car?

A vehicle for hire is a type of car rental, where you are going to hire a vehicle with a driver or it could also be that you will be the one driving. It will actually depend on the services offered and the availability of the driver. Before picking up a hired vehicle, you need to make sure that it is not damaged.

Anyway, accidents may always happen to anybody, especially accidents happen on the road. What if you just hired a vehicle and then, you met an accident? We have here a few tips for you to keep in mind. So that when you are already in this kind of situation, then you will know what to do.

Car sharing

This is something that you should not do, especially if you just rented a vehicle. You must never share this car because you are responsible for whatever happens to this car. What if something is damaged under someone’s hand while you are the one who is registered to use it? This is not a good thing to do, right?

Report the damages

You have to inspect a car before using it. Make sure that everything is doing fine and in a good running condition. If you notice something like a sort of damage, then tell it to the car company and ask them to write this as a notice. Remarks are necessary and must be listed. So that if ever that you get it damaged, then you know what is already there and what you have done to the car.


If you have a device to use for taking pictures, then it would be best for you to take a photo of the damages that was already there and what you have done. In such way, the owner of the car hire company will have an idea of what has happened to the car under your care. This is a very important proof or evidence that you can show to the company because sometimes, there are car companies, who collects too much because of the damage. So, make sure that you are not paying a damage that you did not actually do.

Insurance coverage

You have to know your insurance policy. Is the damaged car that you just rented covered in your insurance policy? Or did you just avail an insurance that the car company is offering? Everything must be checked before using the car. There are collision damage waivers that car companies offer. If the car company does not offer such insurance policies, then you better think twice if you are going to deal with this company or not.

Always remember that your safety and protection is very important whenever you are driving your own car or a rented vehicle. You must keep in mind that anything may happen on the road. And then, when accidents come, it always comes in a sudden and as a surprise. So, you better make sure that you are always prepared.

What you must not do when hiring a vehicle

Pretty sure that you are one of the many people, who needs to hire a vehicle when out of town or out of the country. You need to rent a car because you feel more convenient renting rather than bringing your private cars for your trip. Anyway, there are companies, who provides travel expenses for their employees, so they do not need to travel with their own vehicles.

Have you experienced dealing with different vehicle hire companies? If you will notice, they have their own policies, rules and regulations to follow. Every vehicle hire company also has services that are only offered under their company.

Are you aware about their strict implementation of their policies? I believe that company rules vary. But, you should know what you are not allowed or what you do not need to do when you are renting a vehicle. For those who are not aware about these concerns, then find time to read this post and you will find out some information that may be important to you.

Prepay for the gasoline

When it comes to the fuel of the vehicle that you are going to hire, it would be best to pay it at your own risk. There are car rental companies, who charges more when you will let them refuel the tank for you. So, before returning the vehicle, why don’t you refuel it on your own? This is a good way to save for your travel or transportation expenses. So, after picking up the vehicle, make sure to look for the nearest gasoline station.

Avail the Insurance

Most car hire companies are offering car insurances. If you already have your own car insurance, then you better check your insurance company, if car hired is also covered. There is no point in availing an insurance with the same cover, right? It’s just a waste of money. And then, if you do not have a car insurance yet, then you better avail the insurance from the car hire company for your own safety and protection.

Potential Upgrade Offers

Most of the car rental companies will ask you to upgrade the package that you would like to avail. In the first place, you have already decided what package or service to hire because you are also considering your budget. So, if they will offer you upgrades, then you may ignore it. Accepting the upgrade will just make you pay more. Therefore, a start of disorganizing your budget planning.

Failure to double check the car

It is very important for you to inspect the vehicle for hire before driving it. You need to check in and out for damages that were already there. You must also check the tires, if they are in good running condition. And then, make sure that the brakes and lights are working well. Do not be very confident that everything is fine because if you will not consider double checking it. Then damages might appear when returning the hired vehicle. Therefore, additional charges will be collected from you.